Hurry up and stop it faster

It’s killing me slowly to sit and wonder

Cause I should be spending my hope on more productive things

Than wandering thoughts and poetry


Anticipation is a feeling I forget

I can’t often recall the feeling of Christmas Eve as a young child

The feeling of waiting for the water to catch me as I leapt off the diving board

The feeling of nervousness before commencement

But boy

Does your touch make me remember


How lucky I am
To have someone in my life
Who’s lack of presence makes me ache

How lucky I am
To have someone in my life
Who’s presence makes my life brilliant

How lucky I am
To have you in my life
Who’s love makes my days gold


Most times I miss the thought of you
Other times it’s the smell
But most days it’s the warmth
Of my hand in yours as well


Morning or night
Peace or fight
Carefree or tight
You got me

Airy or deep
Awake or sleep
Laugh or weep
You got me

You got me high
You go me low
You got me sometimes where I shouldn’t go

But I’m happy to stay
By your side I don’t grey
Cause I got you too
And all I’ve ever needed was you


Weather brilliant or gloomy
My soul tans itself in your presence
Even the thought of your existence
Quells the demons within
Loving you is never a chore
For daily sunshine is a privilege


It’s hard to justify feeling small

When you have the audacity to believe you’re important

It’s hard to justify mistrust

When you know vulnerability is shadowed by insecurity

It’s hard to justify emotions

When you see they don’t need justification to thrive


Bold colors catch vibrant desire
From the faintest hint of your smile
Silent cries to the moon
Fear the passion in your swoon
The air tastes refreshing
Laced with your aura’s fragrant blessing

Your existence is spectacular
And I gladly bathe in your glow


There’s something secure about downpour

Everything out in the open

Nothing to hide

Millions of drops of nothing

To shield us from the sound

Of being alive

I find I’m grounded to you with every tiny moment

Every thought I have of a reply

Every half-thought uttered response

Every chase through the halls and winding paths of my mind

I find myself constantly pulled toward you

You keep my back straight

Catch me when I fall down

And when I lie down in bed at night

I take comfort in the fact we’re here for each other

Parallel to one and other

Our existence at least slightly defined by the other

And made better