I’m madly in love with an inferno

He feeds on the both good and bad bits of me

Stoking the blaze to make it more luminous than before

I too sustain myself on his existence

And together we blaze bright

You can try and look away

But we’re unstoppable

And nothing again will seem as gorgeous

As two hearts lost in the flames of the other


We’re tasked to adapt

It’s what makes or breaks

The fragility of tonight and tomorrow

But the search to find resolution

Condemns my mind

Nauseous fear

Then relentless sorrow

I lay down in bed and can’t get my mind off of you
So I try to write a poem expressing it
And I get stuck trying to think up a synonym for amazing
Cause it’s hard to describe the undertone of the slight perk of your eyebrow
The way your eyes seem to glisten just a fraction of a percentage more
The welcoming tone of your hello that makes me want to scoot my chair closer to yours
That look that lets me know your happy to see me
And I don’t know if you notice my determination
In trying to reciprocate the euphoria you sprinkle into my life
But if it doesn’t show
At least you know my poems for you will never satisfy the level of greatness I want them to describe
Because you are invaluable compared to a few adjectives strung together in a poetic fashion
And I’m just trying to say
From the deepest chasms of my being
That I love you
I love you a lot


Like a meteor soaring through a clear night sky
You’re what I long for when I hope for a glimpse of pure wonder
And unlike the variability of a shooting star
I don’t have to wish for someone like you to drop into my life
Because you’re a constant
And the fact I can rest my heart with you
It’s something I can’t fully express my appreciation for in writing
But just know
In your arms I feel more secure than wearing 3 bulletproof vests
And in your embrace I find the comfort of returning home from a long trip
You are a steady and invaluable support for challenging treks through the unknown
I consider time spent drifting in the glistening pools of your eyes a luxury
And I would pay hours for every glance I steal for a peak at your face
Your looks are the bonus of the year
But they alone can never tell the full story of your beauty
I will never be able to capture it in a few lines of poetry
Just remember in your soul that you are always going to be as gorgeous as the stardust that comprises you
And I’m in awe of your existence in my personal universe
You were my wish upon a golden star
I’m amazed each day that I call you mine And that my wish came true


Sometimes I feel like a stick of dynamite
So much desire to explode
Only inhibited by a spark

The only difference between me and the explosive
Is that I’m equipped
I have the will to find a match
To pin anger in and on any facet of my existence that I can

Yet still I’m similarly halted
A component of instigation is still missing from my release

And the blessing and curse that stops me
Is a fact of uncertainty

I don’t and can’t know
If I deserve the beautiful mess
That is combustion


Biting the heads off Swedish Fish
Singing in the car
Walking in the rain
Driving near and far
Holding hands at the movies
Trying something new
Six things that I enjoy
All enhanced in particular by you


Distance is spider silk
Strong yet fatally flawed
Easy to destroy with a steady stroke

I’m thankful I have no intent the sever the line
Our separation is as temporary as we view it

I imagine the time approaches
When I can wriggle once again into your arms


Ignorance for the sake of a moment free of obligation
But the worry lingers in the shadows
Encroaching upon the happiest of moments like a reaper
Uncertainty rules the minds of the skeptical
Constantly threatening progress
Wandering minds are dangerous
Only truth sets them to rest


The aroma
Of your sweater
Enough to make
The longest days better


Your presence in my life is like a renown abstract work of art
I don’t understand where you came from
Or how your vibrance suddenly materialized with a second glance
But I was hooked after I was exposed to your depth
And now I’m compelled to stare as long as I can each time I pass by
The hues of your persona are unravelled with every silent conversation we share
And the constant metamorphosis of your eyes is tantalizing
You’re too beautiful for the destruction that could come from the risk in being with me
But we enjoy each other mutually
And that reciprocating appreciation makes it worth our while
Cause you’re insanely attractive in an infinite number of ways
And I’m grateful I get to revel in time with you